My first career choice in life was to be a poet. When I realized it is impossible to make a living writing poetry I turned to writing music, and song lyrics are poetic in nature so it was a good choice. My involvement with music led me to come up with Audio Animation, a way to make 3-D, animated "pictures" (sound shapes) you see with your ears, which resulted in two published articles on the subject. In 1988 I went back to the University of Utah as an English major but quit after three years when I ran out of writing courses to take. Since I have experienced a great many psychic phenomena over the course of my life, and personally discovered a "new" form of psychic perception (Visual Telepathy) I invested five years of fulltime research and writing to create Rational Spirituality. In the course of writing that book I published a chapter from it as a booklet titled Koda's Psychic Party Games. In 2006 I collected my best poems, song lyrics and computer art to create Word Art, though it wasn't published till 2013. Then I wrote a screenplay, DreamMaster, and recently finished writing my first novel which I published under a different name. In late 2011 I started work on Changing the World, which is a collection of progressive political soultions I have been working out over the course of my life. That material is also featured at

      Three of the four books listed below have their own webpage with descriptions and samples of their content. All can be found in stores and online retailers like, and are also available as ebooks.

Watch the 3 minute
Rational Spirituality Video on You Tube
which provides brief instructions for performing telekinesis and visual telepathy

Changing the World Rational Spirituality Psychic Party Games Word Art
Clicking the image above will take you to where you can view the entire book online. It contains policy suggestions for the 99% of us who are unhappy with how the 1% is running society. If you have always wanted to change the world but didn't know what to do, this little book may be a good place to start.

Rational Spirituality anyalzes the nature of spiritual and psychic phenomena in a very objective way. This book required more than 5 years of serious effort to complete, includes instructions which enable essentially anyone to experience some forms of psychic perception in just minutes, and provides an alternative to irrational religious concepts. It can change your life.

Psychic Party Games is a chapter from Rational Spirituality which provides a number of psychic games that can be played at parties. These include Visual Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psychic Touch Dancing, Instructions for holding a seance and much more. Believers and skeptics alike will be blown away by proof of psychic phenomea which most people can achieve very quickly -- no previous experience required!
Word Art is a collection of poetry, song lyrics, short fiction and artwork created between 1973 and 2006. The printed version is a large format (8 1/2" x 11") paperback but it is also available as a Kindle ebook which can be viewed on most devices. Nearly all the material is presented in the various sections of this site. You can check out the table of contents to see what the book contains at