You don't have to be a "psychic" to experience amazing abilities you may not know you possess. These easy to learn techniques produce quick results that are likely to leave you and your friends absolutely astonished! No previous psychic experience is necessary!

Experience an eye contact exercise which produces dramatic "alterations" in visual perception as your mind "merges" with that of another. Use telekinesis to spin a paper wheel without touching it. Learn a very pleasant "dance" where the hands of you and your partner move together in sweeping gestures which neither of you control. Ever try to lift a person out of a chair? Imagine two or four people lifting someone over their heads using just two fingers! Learn how to perceive information (emotional energy) contained in small blocks of wood, see auras, influence the movement of a pendulum held by someone else, and more.

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Koda's Psychic Window Technique
      Visual Telepathy and the perception of "reincarnational selves" -- a special way of making eye contact that causes people to see alterations in their visual perception.

Using Telekinesis
      Causing paper wheel to spin without touching it.

Psychic Touch Dancing
      A very pleasant, intimate "dance" where the hands of you and your partner move together in graceful, sweeping gestures that occur without conscious control.

Light as a Feather
      Two or four people lift a person out of a chair and over their heads using just two fingers.

Directional Attention
      One person in a group concentrates their attention on an object in the room while the others "guess" which object it is.

      Perceiving information (emotional energy) contained in small blocks of wood (requires preparation in advance).

Manipulating the Pendulum
      One person holds a small weight suspended from a string while the others influence it's movement.

Perceiving Auras
      Techniques for perceiving colorful energy bands surrounding living creatures.

Using Ouija Boards
      Helpful information for those choosing to communicate with "non-physical" personalities using commercially available "talking boards."

Holding a Seance
      A general description of how to form a "home circle" where a group of people can initiate various kinds of paranormal phenomena.

Just $5.95 at Create Space and

(Now available as an Ebook at for just $2.99)

Koda's Psychic Party Games is a chapter from this book by Koda.
Rational Spirituality is quite possibly the most useful book on the subject of spiritual and psychic awareness ever written. In it, Koda describes the many mind blowing psychic experiences of his youth and his life long pursuit to understand how such phenomena could be possible. Along the way he personally discovered the phenomena of Visual Telepathy and developed a technique which enables essentially anyone to experience it in just minutes. From quantum mechanics to the Law of Attraction, drug use and self hypnosis to lucid dreaming and meditation, this book covers it all in a surprisingly rational manner.

A chapter titled "Psychological Wisdom" provides simple observations which enable the reader to instantly escape from guilt and stress to live happily in the present. Another chapter describes "Psychic Sex and 20-Minute-Plus Female Orgasms," and the "Psychic Party Games" chapter can provide you and your friends with hours of amazing entertainment. There is also a mini-encyclopedia describing documented evidence of astonishing spiritual/psychic phenomena reported throughout history. It would be no surprise if this phenomenal book launches a resurgence of psychic awareness similar to the Spiritualist period of a century ago when millions of people worldwide were experiencing astounding psychic events at home circles in their living rooms.