The Loneliness of God
Koda 1997

Before the Beginning
There was a total absence of everything
Where even nothing did not exist
Nor any thought or feeling whatever.

In this timeless, placeless place
Here and there are as much the same as they are different,
Now and then a now where no one knows such things.

And then a mystery beyond the conception of God occurred --
Something conscious knew there was nothing.

We call that consciousness God
And the first thing this consciousness knew
Was that It was everything
It was the totality of all the nothing there was.

And so this consciousness conceived of somethingness
A place where nothingness could exist
Which we now call space
And within this space God recognized something that wasn't nothing
Filling everything; It's own consciousness.

God is everything.
God is utterly alone.

And when God realized with greater and greater clarity
Just how alone It was
It recognized it's awareness of aloneness had not always been the same.
It realized that space was filled with time as well as consciousness.

As the time passed God's awareness of aloneness grew steadily
And It desired, creating the concept of value,
Something that was not Itself.

And so God divided Itself in order to experience Other
And gave Other a form, but Other knew it was God
And God was still alone with Itself.

Then God removed It's memory of being God from Other
And as Other, God experienced Other experiencing God.
Through Other, God experienced not being alone.

But soon God noticed that Other longed to know it's source
Just as God had longed to know Other
God experienced empathy, and allowed Other to know itself as God.

Again God was utterly alone.

So God created a multitude of Others
And removed their memory of being God
And God felt their great joy when each of them became one with God
Till they all felt God's great loneliness.

The Others remember their paths and choose to return to separateness
Because they know they will always return to God
And share their joy at returning.

We are all God, struggling to overcome our forgetfulness
Afraid to return to the knowledge
That God is the loneliest being there is.

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