Koda (left) and Darren Weight: circa 1995
at The Wedge overlook is SE Utah, USA
In general, the music by Psychic Trance Fur is "intense but mellow," a spacey blend of synths and guitars, mostly instrumental but with some songs having sung or spoken lyrics. I often tell people that if they like Pink Floyd they will like Psychic Trance Fur, though the sound is completely original. This album is great driving music! Individual MP3s can be played below. Many of the songs are very different from each other so please sample more than just one song. My favorite tracks are (11) "Wind and Sea" (new age instrumental): (6) "Electromagnetic Love" (features my very best, very subtle guitar work); (5) "Hike Like a Tree" (a popular chill-out song); and (1) "Head" (psychedelic rock).

Psychic Trance Fur first formed in 1991 as a collaboration between myself and Darren Weight. We created all kinds of different music without regard to genre, and never played live. (We were in it for the music, not the glory.) We believed that if the music was good enough it would sell. Unfortunately, that is only true if people hear it, and since the music is truly original it didn't fit any radio station formats and we couldn't get much exposure. In 1998 Darren moved on and I collected our spacey stuff to release the Head CD. Since then I have been releasing an occasional song under the PTF name and made a few videos (posted below). The new material will eventually be released on an album titled Unknown Phenomenon. The title seems appropriate because after all this time the music remains almost completely undiscovered. I like to tell my friends I am still waiting to become the worlds oldest "overnight success" (I was born in 1953). I am sure you can imagine just how much I appreciate your clicking the Facebook "like" button below, or otherwise turning your friends on to this music. Thank you! Koda

Right now the only way to buy the Head CD is to contact me directly at cosmickoda at kodasplace dot com. The price is $15 including shipping to the US. We made 1,000 CDs in 1998 and I still have about 100 left. Yes, this band truly is an unknown phenomenon :)

Music Videos

1 Head
2 What Is
3 Love Can't Find Me Here
4 Sea of Dreams
5 Hike Like a Tree
6 Electromagnetic Love
7 Gliding Inside You
8 Coming Home to Earth
9 Chrome Rabbit on Illuminated Chessboard
10 Goodbye to My Friends
11 Wind and Sea
12 Someday (bonus track)

Album Art

With a flick of the lip of a tall top hat
and a clever toe tip stop of a twirling cane
I bow deeply, and with sincere gratitude
I thank you for your support :)