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Video Pods

The Video Pods page is where you can find all the pods that are linked on the various pages. So far there is video describing Audio Animation, the Psychic Window Technique (visual telepathy) and by the time you read this I should have one up describing my art and music.

Book Stuff

As I mentioned in the introduction to Instant Enlightenment, I contuine to discover new insights. As soon as I can decide how best to organize them I will be posting new info here, much like the entire book was posted on line as I wrote it.

Infinite Images #1
There are virtually an infinite number of cartoon-like images perceivable within the background of the book cover. Look here for samples you can view on screen.

Trippy Tales: Adventures on LSD
This was originally going to be in the appendix of Instant Enlightenment but I thought I should think like a publisher and not offend more people than necessary. There isn't much in the way of enlightenment here, just some very strange and entertaining experiences.

Notes on the Works of Carlos Castaneda
I took notes of things I wanted to remember from the Castaneda books and have posted them here.

Theoretical Inventions

Audio Animation (view Video Pod)
Animated, three-dimensional pictures you "see with your ears."

"Anti-Gravity" (Inertial Propulsion)
The conversion of centrifugal force into directional momentum. In other words, a propulsion system for space craft that people could build in a garage - if the theory can ever be made to work.

Water Fueled Motors?
Electricity passing through water releases hydrogen and oxygen (rocket fuel) as gasses, which can be used to power the electrical generator - no more energy shortage, ever.


A short-short fiction story a bit on the gloomy side.


Astro-Dating.com and its sister site Astro-Grid.com both use a new method of displaying astrological compatibility information I invented, the Astro-Grid™. The dating site is the place to be if you're single, especially since it is free right now. The other site lets you perform an unlimited number of compatibility comparisons, which means you can compare compatibility for everyone you know, and generate 8-12 page personalized reports for all of them, for $10 a month. Of course these deals won't last forever.

I had to change websites because I was losing real correspondence amid the 300-plus junk emails coming in every day, but I try to respond to every sincere, reasonably brief email. I can be reached by sending a note to [email protected]

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