Reward Information for the Crazy Genius Crowdfunding Project

One of these days I will get around to describing all the various rewards being offered but for now I will simply direct you to my website, You can find links to information and samples of pretty much everything from the home page. You will also discover that you can buy many of the rewards directly for much less via Amazon and other sites. Either way you choose to support the cause is fine by me -- the cause being me making a living with my creative work.

Donations are processed via PayPal. I will know which reward package to send when I see the amount of the donation. (Remember: Every donation also receives ALL of the rewards listed above it on the chapter pages.) I will use the money in whatever way seems best to me, but if you would like me to work toward some particular project just mention it in the message section (just before you leave the PayPal site). Your suggestion is likely to have a big influence on how I spend the money because I am truly grateful for any help and encouragement that comes my way.

PayPal will send us both a receipt, and I will send the rewards matching your level of contribution to your PayPal email address. If you prefer I send to a different email address just include it in the message section at PayPal. If you will be receiving a physical product be sure to include your snail mail address.

After having numerous email links on my site for 20 years more than 500 spam emails were getting through my spam filter every day so I had to change my email address, but I haven't changed all those links on my site yet and they no longer work. If you would like to get in touch via email or follow me on twitter, please use the address indicated below.

I hope you enjoy reading the Crazy Genius project as it slowly comes together.

Piles o' Smiles :)

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