Use Telekinesis to Spin a Paper Wheel

This information is derived from the book

Rational Spirituality

by Koda

The image below provides instructions for creating a paper "wheel" you can cause to spin simply by placing your hand next to it. The energy that moves it comes from our aura. This energy circulates in and around the body and is referred to as Chi, prana and other names, thus providing a method of moving matter at a distance through "non-physical" means, or telekinesis. More information is provided in the Psychic Party Games section of Rational Spirituality. Just print out this page and use a pair of scissors to cut out the wheel and base. You will also need a long straight pin.

Please note that dense table tops made of marble, metal, etc., interfere with the "bio-electric" force so it is best to try this on a wooden table.

Have fun playing with the toy!


Rational Spirituality